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Zero Halogen Cables

M.E.M Manufacture’s Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Cables and wires designed to avoid emission of toxic fumes and propagation of fire in public places and industrial facilities in case of fire. The whole range consists in Instrumentation and LT Control & Power cables jacketed with special compounds which do not emit toxic and corrosive fumes. They comply with IEC standards and have very good Electrical and Mechanical characteristics.

Advantages :

  1. Non-propagation of fire and flame.
  2. Low or no emission of toxic fumes to limit visibility problems.
  3. No emission of fumes
  4. No emission of corrosive fumes to save buildings and equipment not affected by the fire.
  5. Compliance with IEC standards.
  6. Flame retardant.
  7. Very good resistance to oil.
  8. Very good radiation resistance.
  9. Operating temperatures (dependent on the jacketing)
  10. -40°C up to +130°C: Poliax™ halogen free insulation.
  11. -50°C up to +200°C: Neutrax™ halogen free insulation.
  12. -50°C up to +250°C: Polyimide tape.
  13. -40°C up to +95°C: LSZH thermoplastic elastomeric compound.

Construction :
Instrumentation Cables, Screened Cables, Control Cables, Power Cables, Thermocouple Compensating Cables etc.


  1. Annealed Tinned plated Copper
  2. Electrolytic Bare Copper


  1. Axon’ special compounds: Poliax™ , Neutrax.
  2. Polyimide
  3. PVC type “A” & “C”

Sheath :

  1. LSZH Compound with type “ST-1” & “ST-2” PVC

Applications :

  1. Buildings.
  2. Trains.
  3. Ships Subways.
  4. Oil Refineries.
  5. Process Control Industries.
  6. Steel, Power, Paper, Cement, Fertilizer, Chemical Plants etc.
  7. Nuclear Power Plants, Defence.
  8. Other Fire Prone areas.

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