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Rubber Trailing Cables

/Owing to the vast experience in this field, M.E.M are able to manufacture and supply high quality of Rubber Trailing Cables. Made using top quality annealed Tinned Copper conductor and elastomeric compound. These cables are very durable and heat resistant. Our huge infrastructure facility is equipped with high-tech machines and technology. We manufacture these cables following modern techniques to obtain the right quality cables. The Rubber Trailing Cables are mainly used for trailing, festooning, mobile machines and crane application.

Core identification

  1. 2 cores: Red & Black
  2. 3 cores: Red, yellow & Blue
  3. 4 cores: Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
  4. 5 cores: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & Green
  5. 6 cores and above are numbered
  6. Voltage Grade : 1100 Volts
  7. Standards: IS 9968(Pt-1)/1988 & BS6500:
  8. Applications: Reeling unreeling, Festooning, Mobile Machines, Conveyors Belts, Gantry Cranes, Trailing, Cranes, Coal Handling, Double, Over Head cranes, EOT Cranes, Container Handling Cranes.
  9. Rubber was the first insulant to be used in Electric cables manufactured but gave way to other insulants like PVC, XLPE, PTFE etc.
  10. Rubber is still considered the preferred insulation for flexible cables where very small bending diameter is desired in continuous movement of equipment.
  11. Annealed Tinned Copper (Flexible conductor as per Class-5 of IS : 8130) is pre-dominantly used in Rubber Cables..
Material Type Basic Rubber Max. Conductor Temp. for continuous Operation 0C Max. Conductor Temp. for short circuit Operation 0C Remarks
IE 1 Natural Rubber 600 C 2000 C Low Voltage
IE 2 EPR 900 C 2500 C Low Voltage
IE 3 EPR 900 C 2500 C High Voltage
IE 4 PCP/CSP 900 C 2500 C Oil/Fire Retardant
IE 5 SILICON 1800 C 3500 C High Temperature
SE 1 Natural Rubber/ SBR 600 C 2000 C Normal Duty
SE 2 Natural Rubber/ SBR 600 C 2000 C Heavy Duty
SE 3 NBR PVC PCP/CSP 900 C 2500 C HOFR Normal Duty
Heavy Duty

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