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FRLS Cables

Properties of FRLS PVC Compound


Test Governing Specification. Test Significance Result
Conventional Wire FRLS PVC
Oxygen Index Test ASTM D-2863 Determines the Oxygen concentration in the oxygen/nitrogen mix. in which material burns at room temp. 23< >29
Temp. Index Test ASTM D-2863 & BICC Handbook Determines the temp. at which the Oxygen Index of material becomes 21. <1600C >2500C
Smoke Density Test ASTM D-2843 Indicates the extent to which material is likely to smoke under conditions to active burning & decomposition in the presence of flame >80% <60%
Acid Gas Generation Test IEC 754 - 1 Determines the amount of halogen Acid gas (other than hydro fluoric acid) evolved during combustion of compound. >40% (By wt.) <20% (By wt.)


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