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Compensating Cables


M.E.M  manufacture’s high quality Thermocouple Compensating cables which is an economical alternative as compared to the Thermocouple Extension cable where single / multi pair conductor utilizing dissimilar metallic conductors than that of the thermocouple but having similar e.m.f temperature characteristics over a limited range. Our large gamut of Thermocouple Compensating Cables are available in varied dimensions to meet the different needs of the clients. Thermocouple Extension Cables are widely used to extend thermocouple circuits from the sensor to reference unit, conforming to IS: 8784, BS: 4937, IEC-584, ANSI: MC: 96.1, DIN, JSS standards. 

Our Thermocouple Compensating Cables are good alternative to Thermocouple Extension Cables as these are available in competitive prices. These cables are manufactured using different alloys providing same E.M.F. output as thermocouple. These cables are in accordance with IS:8784ANSI MC:96.1 standards and widely used in Cement, Steel, Glass factories & other process control Industries.


Type : KX, SX, RX, BX, JX, TX, NX. EX, KX (A)
Conductor : Solid / Stranded / Multi stranded.
Conductor Size : Commonly used : for single pair cables - 1.5sq.mm./16 AWG/3 x 22 SWG/40 x 36 SWG for multi pair cables - 0.5 sq.mm./20 AWG / 18 AWG
Conductor Materials : As per IS: 8784-1987 / ANSI MC 96.1
Insulation : PVC / H.R. PVC / Sintered PTFE / EPR Rubber / Ceramic glass fibre / Silicon rubber
Pairs : Single -Pair & Multi - pair
Twisting : Pairs Twisted.
Shielding / Screening : Individual Pair / Overall.
Shield / Screen Material : Aluminum Mylar Tape with ATC Drain Wire OR ATC braided / Silver Plated Copper Wire braided.
Inner and Outer Sheath Materials : PVC / FRLS PVC / H.R. PVC / Sintered PTFE / CSP / PCP Rubber / Silica micanite / Asbestos Yarn / Ceramic Glass sheaths to withstand temperatures upto 400° C.
Armouring : Galvanised steel round wire/flat strip OR flexible stainless steel wire braided.
Standard Applicable : ANSI MC96.1 / IS : 8784-1987/ASTM-D 8 IEEE. IS: 5831-84.IS: 3975 & JSS : 51034.



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