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About M. E. M.

All the products item are itself manufactured by MEM Industries in India.

M.E.M Industries have been manufacturing Specialty Cables and Wires since 1995, meeting stringent manufacturing and quality standards to satisfy demanding users in Steel Plants, Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Paper Plants, Aluminium Plants, Cement Plant Defence, PWD, CPWD, and other Industries. We have excellent in house manufacturing facilities with the latest state of the art machineries & testing Laboratory.

Our test facilities are the most comprehensive in India. At all times, highest quality not only in materials but in services too remains our principle aim, and we continuously strive towards achieving this goal. read more




About Company


M.E.M. is supported by a team of competent professionals who act as a driving force for the company and enable the workforce to work in a dedicated manner towards the goals and objectives. The unmatched efforts have so far lead us to the path of success and growth. The team members are efficient professionals who are able to effectively cater to distinct needs of our clients in a systematic and organized manner in terms of Quality, Technical support, Timely delivery etc. We also conduct Infinity training programmed in various Industries on request which makes the buyers comfortable in choosing the right application Cables.

Vendor BASE

M.E.M. with 22 Years of experienced in Cable manufacturing has built vendor base with unique product range of specialized Cables like High Temperature PTFE Cable, Rubber Cable, Fire Survival cables, Communication protocol Cables etc. to various Industries for the critical applications through out the country. Our presence is almost in every field of customers. M.E.M. is operating at various locations in India & Globally to its large base of over 500 satisfied customers.


1995..... Bokaro Steel Plant came up with new Hot Strip Mill Project wherein High Temperature Non- Flammable Cables were required. M.E.M. came forward with new technology of Teflon Insulation and Sheath in Cable industry and bagged the order for supply of cables worth Rs .One Crore . After this successful supply, almost all the steel plants throughout the Country changed their requirements to M.E.M. Teflon cables in hot zone areas. This successful journey is still being continued....

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